The Cheerful Mind

How to make a commitment you can keep

Making a commitment, whether large or small, isn’t always easy. ...
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Take some time this week and be LAZY!

It’s my birthday week — and after 4 months of ...
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Getting away from procrastination mode

Everyone procrastinates. The reasons why may differ from person to ...
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3 (quick) ways to stand in your power

Recently, I learned what it meant to stand in my ...
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How to create (and maintain!) a fitness routine that suits your lifestyle

Understand the areas of your body you want to target ...
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Post on Talking to Cool People

3 Steps to Get Moving Now

This is a special Guest Post from my dear friend Rebekka ...
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Organization Structure

My Master Organization System

I know I’ve talked about organization before, and I’m going ...
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Dealing With Busy Times

Dealing with “peak” busy times

So you’ve been humming along, living life, getting stuff done, ...
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Article to Make A Change

Get out of that funk!

It happens to everyone – things can be perfectly okay, ...
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3 resources I’d like to share!

I figured I’d share some resources that have caught my ...
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