My Master Organization System

I know I’ve talked about organization before, and I’m going to dive deeper into this topic every so often, because gosh darn it, I’m pretty darn good at it! Here’s what I do every day to keep myself organized, and feel free to take it and modify it into a process that works for you. I’ve tried a gazillion different strategies and tools so if you’re looking to create something efficient for yourself, let’s definitely talk. I can share some really great insight that can help you figure out what will work for you.

•   Have a master organization system that includes the following:

◦                     Smart phone and/or computer (this is where I can access my email, calendar, and to-do lists)

◦                     A dedicated working space (I have an office where I store paperwork and other bigger items that I need to address that I can’t otherwise store electronically)

•   Use the to-do list, calendar, and email to manage daily tasks (I currently use Trello as my go-to organization tool for all my tasks and notes, and I use a variety of apps on my iPhone to manage just about everything else. Note: I frequently switch platforms depending on my needs at the time).

•   At the start of each day, identify no more than three things to complete. (I look beyond my 3 tasks ONLY after I’ve completed them.)

•   Cross reference this list with what’s on the calendar and block the appropriate time to complete the tasks during the day to make sure that it’s reasonable to get those items done. If not, prioritize or make modifications.

•   Always leave a buffer of at least 1 hour or so in the day to address unexpected things, or get caught up. (If this is absolutely not possible for me in a day, I tack on the hour in the following day. And I literally put this hour of buffer in my calendar as “Apryl Time”)

•   Whenever anything new comes up, add it to the to-do list/paper pile/calendar, or take care of it right away.

•   Always consider if there’s anything that can be delegated to someone else to address.

It’s also important to note that this is my general system right now. I change it up every so often as soon as I identify something that no longer works efficiently. Organizations are a work in progress, always! 

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