3 Steps to Get Moving Now

This is a special Guest Post from my dear friend Rebekka Mars, Yoga-Based Embodiment Coach !

Wake up 20+ minutes early:  For most folks, the morning time is the easiest and most consistent time of day to fit in exercise.  If you’re efficient, 20 – 30 minutes can truly be enough with the proper program [I can help you with that!].  If your morning is already full, then find a chunk of 20+ minutes that you can devote to exercise mid day or later on.  Out of 1,440 minutes in a day, 20 is not a lot!

Plan ahead:  Once you figure out what block of the day you’re going to fit in exercise, set an appointment in your phone/planner — make it playful or motivational!  Just like you’d set an appointment with a doctor, or an important work meeting, set this one for YOU.  Will this workout require taking a change of clothes to work to go for a jog from work? Or lay out the outfit, headphones, etc. the night before a workout.  I know some people that will sleep in at least part of their outfit so less time is needed in the morning.  Plan for a quick snack if you’re working out mid or later day; you’ll need some fuel if it’s been hours since your last meal. My favorite go to: a banana.  [This is another loaded topic, but I’d be glad to chat about nutrition options, too!]

Keep it FUN and varied:  If you don’t enjoy whatever exercise you’re doing, then it’s highly likely you won’t be consistent in the long run.  For example, if the thought of going to a gym makes you cringe, then head outside!  If you know you do better in a social setting, try different group classes or find a running group at a local run store. Variety is also key so as much as you may fall in love with a type of exercise, remember that your muscles have memory and by doing the exact same thing all the time, you will probably plateau– physically and mentally [results won’t be as apparent and you’ll probably feel less motivated and more bored. Just keeping it real here!]

When you move your body, you’re also moving your overall energy, your thought patterns, and your life.  It’s amazing what I’ve seen happen as I help people get back into their bodies.  The side effects that are coming to mind?  Less stress, more energy, finding new relationships, getting off certain meds, more focus, weight loss, better sleep, job promotions, happier home life . . .the list goes on.  SO what are you waiting for? Prioritize your health, and start by finding three days this week where you can fit in a minimum of 20 minutes of solid exercise.  Getting extra steps in the office and parking the car in the farthest parking spot is always good, but get your heart and lungs really pumping for a session and watch the rest of the magic unfold! 

Feel free to reach out to me at RebekkaMars@gmail.com with any questions you may have – I am happy to share some real advice to add exercise to your life NOW!

The Cheerful Mind