By the age of 30, I had done everything I was told would lead me to a happy life – study hard, graduate from a reputable University with a good degree, get a high paying job, find the love of my life, get married, have kids and a dog, and buy a house in the suburbs with an attached garage.

And, while grateful for everything I’d accomplished, I still wondered, “what’s next?” I had a restlessness, a sense of unease like I was missing some opportunity. Naturally, I assumed it meant I should accelerate even further in my career – that would bring me the bliss I craved!

So, I worked tirelessly to navigate the hierarchy at my organization, at a relatively rapid pace, until I hit a roadblock. I was so determined to overcome that roadblock that I sacrificed almost everything that was important to me: my family, my health, my relationships. And I was miserable. But I kept pushing through.

One morning I went to the dermatologist to do a routine checkup and uncovered a bald spot the size of a Coke can on the back of my head. I had no clue it was even there. This was a harsh signal to me that I had gone too far in trying to accomplish “success.”

This defining moment initiated a journey to redefine what REAL success actually meant to me, and that led me to realize that I wanted to truly enjoy my life — my husband, my kids, adventures, hobbies, travel — while also accomplishing goals and intentions along the way.

It wasn’t worth all the stress, doing things I felt I needed to do to make others happy, and sacrificing the things I loved to be successful. It was time to live my life, my way, and have a more “cheerful” mind.

I clarified my priorities and created action plans that were in line with those priorities and values (fun, accomplishment, connection, and authenticity).

I was rigorous about where I focused my time and energy. I learned to handle the voice of fear, stress, or doubt that would sometimes surface — telling me that I needed to work harder or stronger or faster to accomplish what I wanted — and learned that I could achieve my deepest desires with grace, ease, and joy! What I found on the other side was an even more productive, fulfilling, and happy life, with less stress and more time to do the things I love.

I have played many roles in my life: an actor, vocalist, cheerleader, pianist, ice skater, martial arts black belt, flying trapeze artist, half-marathon runner, engineer, finance and operations manager, organizational expert, teacher, coach, wife, mother, generous friend, published author, speaker, and improv comedian, just to name a few. Looking back at my life so far, I’ve had so many different experiences that have molded me into the person I am today.

And now, I love every aspect of my life. I have a passion-based career, ample quality time with my family, fulfilling relationships with myself and others, a strong commitment to health and fitness, and financial security. And I’m accomplishing goals I could never have imagined. I’m truly having a lot of fun and getting stuff done, and I’m honored to be helping other successful, high-achievers accomplish really big goals while simultaneously creating lives they love as well.


To your success,

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