Apryl really helped me get out of a funk by creating tangible actions and coming up with a game plan so I could reach my goals in a timely manner.

She always brings so much energy and enthusiasm to our meetings that I look forward to each session with her. Out of all the meetings I have, our sessions are usually the highlight of my week!

Wendy W.


My favorite part of the Accountability Success Circle has been Apryl’s check-ins by text and our exchanges.

I love that she reads the [accountability] forms and follows up. Her responsiveness has been key for me, as well was her flexibility and I think that other people would want to know that about working with her. And, of course, her positivity. Some people may think an accountability program could have negative aspects, but this program does not.”



I couldn’t put Apryl’s book down.

I’ve read a shit ton of personal development books, but Apryl’s book really spoke to me, especially as an overachieving Asian American. There were moments when I was like… “THAT’S ME!” This book is for: Overachievers with “successful” careers who feel an emptiness right before going to bed; People pleasers who constantly cycle through overcommitment and burnout; and people who want to put FUN first again. The message I love about Apryl’s book is that we don’t need to Chinese sweatshop everything. In fact, you can have fun and kill your goals without beating yourself up. A must read. You won’t regret picking up this book.”



I loved the personalization Apryl gave me and the added benefit of being in a group with lots of interesting perspectives to learn from.

I have learned how to be more strategic, focused and disciplined with an added benefit of letting go of the overwhelm in my head. I’m looking forward to the future and all the magical things that will happen!!”



I really appreciate how Apryl follows up to make sure that I am making progress toward my goals.

I have realized that it is ok to do things a bit at a time. I would recommend Apryl’s services to people who just have too much going on and feel like they are falling behind. You need to be ready to work on yourself before you start the program. I have become more organized and willing to break things down into smaller manageable chunks of work in order to see the progress as I work toward my goals.”



Apryl is responsive, intuitive, gives great advice, and is great at talking through issues with me.

Even when I have barely any time to have that conversation, she is there! A few texts she sent me were among the most valuable moments I spent during the craziest part of my year.”



Apryl gives me hope, she keeps me lifted and motivated.

She helps me with a tough love approach by gently calling me out when I need it without criticizing me. Yes, I would recommend Apryl because I have found value in being connected with her. I feel like I’m a part of a private tribe of supporters. I like that it’s private and not public (a safe place). I’ve been saying “no” to the shiny objects and I’m working on taking bite size approaches to my daily goals.”



I think it is invaluable to have someone in your corner..

Someone you can talk to, share resources with, ask questions of, and lean on for support. Working with Apryl has helped me to be motivated to write down my goals, think them through, revisit them, and in many ways stick to them. I think it is Apryl’s presence that is most impactful. She is always available and responsive for conversation. It is a different kind of conversation than I’ve ever done before, because it is through messages or Voxer, but once I got used to it I decided that it works very well. Apryl will always respond and engage in conversation. That is one way in which she is always there as a support and resource. ”



I have enjoyed the continued support.

I also believe Apryl wants to help people become better. It has been a joy to work with her. She has helped me identify priorities and will be assisting me in making sure goal setting is in place for the coming year. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with priorities. Apryl helped me take a step back during a stressful time in my life and slow down when I needed it and is now going to help me stay focused on achieving great things now that my life is settling back down.”



I feel like I have had Apryl on my shoulder during this program.

I’m the type of person who does well with an accountability partner. Apryl has been that and more. I can always count on a prompt and thorough response to my questions and she proactively picks up on things that I’m working on and makes suggestions to improve my productivity and mindset. I look forward to my continued participation to help me reach some BIG goals I have for the coming year!”



I tend to suffer from “productivititis”!

I try to implement too much too fast with little patience of wanting to try the new best suggestions. Apryl’s program helps me focus without feeling forced to choose. The flexibility in this program has helped me excel in keeping to my new routines. Apryl is innovative and finds creative FUN ways to help you keep to your commitments. Her positive enthusiasm is contagious, helps motivate, and keeps you recharged to press forward.”



Apryl’s cheerfulness is infectious!

She brings both the elements of fun and entertainment with keeping accountable on a daily basis to her program. I am someone who benefits from lots of communication and walking through my thoughts with someone. I know that I can always count on Apryl through Voxer or text message to be there for me when I need it most. I also really benefit from the daily AM and PM accountability forms. This has helped me focus tremendously on major tasks as well as feeling gratitude. If you are the type of person who enjoys a coach who finds ways to have fun while helping you stay productive, then Apryl is the right coach for you. I look forward to growing my business with the help of Apryl and being a part of her accountability group for a long time!”



Apryl’s book is a good read with reflective common sense advice.

You are taken on a journey of the author’s exploration of finding balance in her life. Her experiences provide key points to help you create a roadmap for your own happiness. I also appreciated the fun practical tips regarding personal development. I recommend reading this book.”



Apryl is a phenomenal coach!

She knows her stuff and cares deeply about her clients. Thanks to my work with Apryl, I’ve made progress on some big goals that have languished on the back burner for years. Thank you, Apryl!”



Working with Apryl has been a great experience!

I think that the biggest thing that has impacted me has been the consistent reminders via emails, texts, Voxer messages, am/pm forms – they help me progress on my goals. I really wanted consistency in my life with my language learning, diet and expercise and I now feel that it has become pretty much second nature to find opportunities to accomplish these goals. They are constantly on my mind, and so I am able to accomplish them. I think this program is helpful for anyone looking to make progress in any area of their lives, anyone looking for help when they are not sure what exactly motivates them, anyone looking for support when they get stuck. I think the speed of the process depends on the person trying to accomplish the goals and how much effort is put in…I have been slower probably than most and being ok with that is a big deal, but I am moving a LOT faster than before! That makes me so happy!”



Apryl is an amazing coach!

I’m a creative rebel who always felt as though I was un-coachable! The standard coaching model – meeting once a week for an hour – never resonated with the way that my life works. My thoughts come in ebbs and flows. I’m addicted to reflection, and what I’ve always needed was someone who can make sense of the patterns in my life that I’m not always able to see. A person who can support me in real-time in those moments when you just need to hear the truth and not the lies in your head. Apryl’s approach is out-of-the-box and that’s why it works. There’s nothing like it, and I will stay in her circle for as long as she’ll have me.”



My session with Apryl was amazing.

It seemed to last for a long time and I felt I gained helpful insight right off the bat. Apryl is a good listener as well as good at making sure her client understand what she is talking about. Her ideas are “outside the box” and gave me a completely different way of looking at something than I ever would have. I highly recommend Apryl because she’s organized, well-informed, well-trained in her field and honest. She is not judgemental and very easy to talk with. The most important thing to know about Apryl is you can count on her to respond quickly to emails. She’s a great coach! ”



I found Apryl really easy to talk to.

It felt like she really understood what my problems were, and was able to ask the searching questions to help me focus on what I need to do next. I finished our session with an initial plan of action and even though it was late Friday night (due to being in different continents!) I felt really energised and determined to succeed! I would definitely recommend Apryl to anyone who feels like they need guidance on setting and achieving their goals.”



Working with Apryl has been a gift.

Her enthusiasm is infectious. Apryl’s encouraging approach to problem solving and her positive, can-do attitude is both empowering and joy inspiring! She is warm, sincere, dedicated and gifted with both experience and the expertise to take you to your next level of accomplishment. Definitely true to her word she delivers on having tons of fun while getting things done. I’m deeply grateful for the time I’ve had with her and can sincerely assure you that she is committed to you achieving excellence in anything you set out to do. Who doesn’t want a coach like that?”



Apryl is an energetic and empathetic listener.

I enjoyed her energy and enthusiasm while assisting me through some growing pains both personally and professionally. I walked away from our conversation with some concrete strategies to implement right away. She is willing to meet the needs of individuals where they are and where they want to be.”



I felt heard and was reminded that I’m not alone in my challenges with time management and work-life balance.

In speaking with Apryl, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that I actually have all of the answers within me, I just needed some support and guidance to clarify my priorities, pinpoint areas of opportunity, and lay out a potential plan for improving daily habits. This felt empowering! Apryl helped me to view and approach my patterns from a different perspective: Instead of self-criticism and resistance, how can I better work with how I am and have always been? By making certain personal aspects of my life “non-negotiable,” I’ll have to use my work time more wisely. It’s important to know that Apryl is not just going to lay it all out on a “silver platter” and tell you what to do. 😉 Since change comes from within, it’s best that you have at least a basic level of self-awareness and understanding of your pain points, as well as the willingness and dedication to try something different, knowing that you’ll have a kind and caring support system behind you to guide and help hold you accountable as you shift into a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle! I’d recommend Apryl’s services to anyone who feels frustrated with how they spend their days and who feels that they’re not achieving their goals how and when they want.”



Apryl is a time management genius!

I felt safe and secure and well-cared for. Apryl took detailed notes and honed in on what I felt was gibberish, and now I feel much more organized and I have a clear path forward of things I need to do. And I also feel more confident in making better priorities! I would absolutely recommend Apryl to any of my friends or family that need more assistance with organizing their lives and having more fun and joy in their lives!”



I started using Apryl’s services because I needed to make some life changes.

She has the ability to see the whole picture and has helped focus my energy on tasks that move me closer to my goals. She is accessible, supportive, and attentive to my needs. She does a great job of getting me to those “AHA” moments and pointing out patterns in my life that have brought me to where I am. Apryl has a knack for really digging in and helping me find what is hindering my progress and what adjustments I need to make in order to move forward. Her energy is infectious and I feel ready to take on the world after each of our sessions.”



Apryl helped me identify a key next step in preparing for the next phase of my life.

I reexamined my values and how I am living them and also discovered that several key values have changed over time. Now I can move on with better planning for leaving full-time employment and shifting to the next phase of my career as my 69th birthday approaches.”



I am filled with inspiration and excitement at the fact I’ve accomplished so much since I started working with Apryl!

Not only have I crossed off some major goals off my list I feel as though with her guidance I can tackle the even bigger dreams I could never seem to conquer on my own.”



I was referred to The Cheerful Mind by a close friend when I was trying to figure out my next step professionally.

I wanted to explore my career path, personal interests, and the best way to bridge the two. Apryl was inspirational, helpful, and focused. I enjoyed our sessions together—she truly listened to my thoughts, ideas, and concerns. She made each conversation meaningful and guided our discussions to help me figure out what I wanted and how to attain success. She contributed greatly – with a mix of life stories, resources, homework ideas, and takeaways to reflect on. I’m so thankful to have spent time with Apryl, ended up on a wonderful career path, and will connect with her again on future life steps.”



This was my first experience working with a coach, Apryl made it easy to work with her.

I needed help around organizing the launch of a new business while still working. My life was jammed and I was overwhelmed, Apryl kept me focused, offered resources and read countless content versions. The fear melted away. Apryl offered valuable insight; she was always genuine and professional, and I’m grateful. Thanks Apryl!”