Yet, you’re yearning for something more…
because “settling” in life is just not your jam.


Maybe you’re a high achiever who aspires to impact society in a bold and positive way, but struggles with a very full plate and the efficiency and focus of executing your plans in a more simple and fun manner. Maybe you’re a conscious, giving person who leads with heart, but no longer wants to relinquish precious energy to things that aren’t most important to you. Or maybe because you’re a person with a versatile set of talents and interests, who struggles with being labeled, and wants to figure out how to showcase and monetize your talents and gifts in an authentic and fun way.

In any case, YOU are someone who refuses to live a stagnant life that lacks purpose, and knows there is WAY MORE to life than just going through the motions to check off the boxes that society says makes you successful.

I am here to help you take bold action toward the things you want most in your life and business; to hold you accountable to living a FUN life of your own choosing; to reflect the mirror of your brilliance to you and the rest of the world; and to give you a platform to share your light…

all you have to do is say YES.

The Cheerful Mind is a personal empowerment and lifestyle brand that is committed to cultivating REAL confidence and success through productivity, passion, and play. We offer services like coaching, speaking, and training, as well as producing creative media and products that educate and entertain people on their path to a productive, positive, and fun life.

  • Launch and grow new businesses
  • See raises, promotions, and career growth
  • Relocate to new cities and homes
  • Manage their growing families
  • Heal estranged relationships with children, parents, and family members
  • Become financially fit and prosperous
  • Improve communication (verbal and non-verbal) to get what they want and need
  • Achieve previously unimaginable health goals
  • Strengthen intimate bonds with significant others
  • Curb overwhelm that results from a very full and busy lifestyle
  • Learn the importance of positive mindset, self-care, and play in their paths to success
  • Finally manifest their goals and dreams using clear focus and FUN
  • Create an authentic and value-driven life with more confidence and ease
  • And much more!
I am filled with inspiration and excitement at the fact I’ve accomplished so much since I started working with Apryl! Not only have I crossed off some major goals off my list I feel as though with her guidance I can tackle the even bigger dreams I could never seem to conquer on my own.

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