3 resources I’d like to share!

I figured I’d share some resources that have caught my eye recently from others that that I’ve found extremely helpful! 

Happiness TED Talk

A friend shared this with me on Facebook last week, and it echoes a lot of my thoughts on happiness and success, backed up with some research data. In addition, the speaker, Shawn Achor, brought some humor into the talk, which I always love!

Meditation for Skeptics 

Another share I saw on Facebook was this blog post by Timo Kiander – This TOTALLY resonates with me, because I’m always on the move, and meditation and centering is not generally my go-to thing. HOWEVER, some of my most powerful moments have happened when I allow myself to practice centering/meditation (for instance, it led me to my business name!), so I highly recommend that you at least be open to trying it! If anything, a few minutes of breathing allows you to slow down for a minute and relax – which I know is a definite need for overcommitted people! 

Using a Timer

I receive weekly productivity tips from Meggin McIntosh, and this week she talked about utilizing timers to increase productivity. I used Tip #4 on this list recently to help complete a couple projects over the last few weeks. I thought I’d share the entire list in case any of the other tips were helpful to you!

The Cheerful Mind