How coaching can change your life…

I called upon my coach friends this week to help me explain some of the power that coaching can bring to one’s life. Here’s a perspective from one of my colleagues, Sandra: 

“Coaching is a way of showing up. It is listening intensely, questioning powerfully, and meeting a person where they are with love, respect, and compassion. I can’t imagine a more magical way of being with another person! By embarking on this journey, I’ve not only discovered a fulfilling career that feels like play and become a digital entrepreneur, but have also experienced personal transformation and feel more alive, awake, and free than ever.”

–Sandra Possing

Freedom Coach for Passionate Rebels

Here’s my quick list of 10 benefits you can have as a result of hiring a coach (in no particular order):

1) more happiness in your life

2) the ability to make more effective decisions

3) accountability

4) sustainable change

5) clear action plans to move you forward

6) connection to what’s really important

7) support

8) more confidence

9) a different perspective

10) increased productivity

And many more…SO??? What are you waiting for!?!?

If you ever have any questions about the coaching process, feel free to email me any time at I’d LOVE to hear from you!

The Cheerful Mind