Get out of that funk!

It happens to everyone – things can be perfectly okay, but you just feel like BLAH! Here’s what I did this week to get past my funk, and back to my cheery self. Apply to your situation as needed, when you need a little pick me up!

Acknowledge and Embrace!

It took me a couple days of spinning in “meh,” but being aware of the fact that I was in this state in the first place and allowing myself to feel that way was the first step in getting out of it. Know that it’s TOTALLY okay to feel under the weather sometimes. It happens. There’s nothing wrong with you. Just acknowledge that it’s happening, and allow yourself to feel whatever it is your feeling, without any need to justify your feelings or actions. What you’re going through is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL.

Vent it out! 

After I stopped being frustrated at myself for being in a mood, and as soon as I accepted my situation, I went and got support from my buddies. They responded back with love and validation, and it gave me great perspective and comfort to keep going. So once you know something’s eating at you, seek some comfort in a listening ear to help you clear the air. Write or talk out what you’re feeling. You’ll feel so much better! 

Identify some quick executable wins to move forward! 

This is where you distract your mind and take yourself back to action. Find some things that are tangible and quick, so that you can celebrate as soon as you complete them. Maybe take a break and read for 30 minutes? Make a goal to sift through 5 emails? Go and pick up your dry cleaning? Just take some time to list 2-3 things you can focus on accomplishing in the next day and do them. Then celebrate that you got some stuff done, and keep at this until you’re feeling back to your happy self!

The Cheerful Mind