Book Review by Synergy Strategies: Finding Success In Balance

Synergy Strategies reviewed my book, Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to the Cheerful Mind.

You can read the full review here. You can also read below:


This book is a quick and light read.  It is a great reminder of ways to have balance and focus in your life. The author, Apryl Schlueter, presents the information in a personal, unfiltered approach about how she has been able to design this in her life. Using her own journey as a prime example, she is authentic and real about the struggle but encourages thoughtful reflection for you to create your desired balanced reality. She covers the critical areas of fun, health, money, relationships, personal development and your mindset.

As a coach, Apryl offers:

  1. her story, life lessons and reflections as an illustration
  2. perspective in how to look at these different areas of life
  3. then ends each section by turning to you with questions and tips as you consider your own story and situation.

Her questions, thoughts and suggestions are helpful to assess and design this desired state of balance for your life. She is direct yet helpful in her guidance to your own design –identify, figure out, reflect, etc. She has questions for you to answer and strategies for you to try all in the journey to your own evolution of balanced life and mind.

Apryl guides you through A LOT of information in a light-hearted but relevant way … it is a great place to start the process or reassess your internal/external space.

Disclosure: A publishing group gave me a copy of this book to review. I voluntarily read this book. The rating and review are my personal thoughts & opinion.

The Cheerful Mind