The Balance Between SPONTANEITY and PLANNING

Today, I had the chance to go to Las Vegas for literally EIGHT hours, for some time to myself to get away from the confines of my home base in an effort to take some personal time and have some fun! While you know me as a person who is super organized, a great planner, and someone who can get things done, even though that is a wonderful quality, sometimes it’s been a detriment to me to over-plan.

If you haven’t read the story in Finding Success in Balance about how I planned an epic schedule which allowed me to connect with eleven of my NYC friends in less than five days, long story short it was quite a fail, and I was left staring down at Manhattan from the top of the Empire State building, tears streaming down my face, reflecting on all the ways that putting so much effort into planning and scheduling was NOT serving me and causing me unbelievable stress. From that point on, I vowed to “wing it” a little more and allow life to present opportunities that I may have not otherwise seen. Now there can also drawbacks to being too spontaneous, but what I’m talking about here is having a healthy balance between the two.

That said, last week, I booked a flight to Vegas, as a celebrity who I follow is currently performing in a show there, and all the stars financially and logistically aligned in such a way that I am able to make this happen. And as a little treat, I was able to coordinate plans with to TWO friends who I will briefly get to see while I’m there! I had no idea what else is in store for me during my trip (check out my FB live video below to see what actually transpired), but I was super excited at the unknowns that would come to light that day, and the opportunity to feed my thrill-seeking soul.

So, I just want to leave you with this today…How can you embrace a balance between planning and spontaneity? What are the benefits and opportunities of having a little bit of both?

Life’s too short – understand that it is super helpful to have goals, a plan and a direction, but sometimes there’s magic in letting the “universe” take control every so often too.

The Cheerful Mind