It’s So Hard…To Say Goodbye…To Yesterday

Happy hump day!

School is back in session and I’m feeling more energized and excited than I have in a long time. Some people look at September as their “new year.” I tend to as well, and then use January as the back-up do-over on my goals. (“Oops! I let the holidays take over so let me start over again!”)

Currently, I have a lot of very new and exciting things on the horizon, including:

  • My accountability program beta test, which is ramping up and I currently have 11 people in, and at least 19 more who will join over the course of the next month, and I’m loving seeing progress in my clients at such an early stage!
  • Last week I started taking improv classes at iO Theater, (where many SNL cast members had their start) and this activity allows me to reconnect with my theater/performance roots, and fingers crossed, I’ll be on stage performing in about a year and asking you to come check me out!

But as I add new things to my calendar, I have to consider saying goodbye to others, for example:

  • I am temporarily “retiring” from flying trapeze, something I’ve done regularly for almost four years (I’ll still go back, but it will no longer be my main source of exercise).
  • I’m getting ready to retire from fantasy football after this season, something I’ve been doing for 15 years.

It’s tough to say goodbye to things that once provided me with extreme joy, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to move forward and pursue new dreams. As we progress, priorities change, perspectives change, and in order to maintain this concept of “balance,” we have to make adjustments as they arise.

This week, I’d love for you to consider the things in your life that perhaps gave you much joy in the past but maybe not so much anymore, and ask yourself if you can say no (or some form of “no”) to those things, in order to say yes to the new opportunities in your life. Are you ready?

The Cheerful Mind