I wrote a tip in the Motherhood channel on the 30 seconds website regarding 3 easy steps to find time for you what you love.

Read the full tip here. You can also read below:

Focus on Your Passion: 3 Easy Steps to Find Time for What You Love (Without Sacrifice)!

Can’t find enough time for the things you’re passionate about? Try this three-step approach to focus on what you love!

  • Step 1: Really get clear on what you love to do, or want to spend more time doing. Identify the priorities and passion points in your life, and identify what you want the various areas of your life to look like (family, career/money, health/wellness, relationships, personal development, etc.).
  • Step 2: The practice of what I like to call, “identifying your time-suckers.” These are the areas in your life where you feel inefficient, things that make you angry, things that are inconvenient and things that cause you to waste time.
  • Step 3: The idea is to take a look at the “time suckers” you identified and brainstorm ways to release them, so that you can replace them more with your passions, which you’ve identified in step 1.

You’ve got this!



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