Cheerful Conversations Ep. 20

Welcome to Episode 20 of Cheerful Conversations: Healthy Habits

In this episode: Join me and my guest co-hosts, Richa Prasad and Lucy Liang!

About Richa & Lucy: Richa helps people incorporate healthy habits into their busy lives and build healthy mindsets around their bodies. She believes deeply in being there for clients at the exact moment they think they’ve ‘failed’ as that’s when the mindset lessons sink in the most. She does not believe in cookie-cutter plans. 2) Lucy helps people incorporate exercise and good nutrition into their daily routine. She believes deeply in nurturing a positive relationship with food and exercise such that it becomes a celebration of what you do rather than punishment for what you’ve done. She does not believe in prescriptive diet and exercise.

Connect with Richa & Lucy:

One topic that we touched upon was where to start when you’re overwhelmed with all the advice out there? Especially since there is no one way – it totally depends on your schedule, your preferences and your goals.

But fear not, the women at Coach Viva have created the Design Your Own Healthy Diet Roadmap in 5 Easy Steps guide which helps you hone in on where to start for YOUR goal and current #1 bottleneck. To get the guide + get awesome, helpful emails about getting healthy and fit: CLICK HERE.

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