Featured Podcast: Refugee Hustle – “Why I Quit Electrical Engineering to Life Coach”

I recently did a featured podcast with Kevin Yee of Refugee Hustle.

You can click here to view the podcast. You can also listen below:

Why the would anyone want to quit electrical engineering to start a life coach business? Isn’t electrical engineering a good major?

Well today we’ll find out on today’s podcast. We go into…

  • Why Apryl left engineering
  • How to transition and start a career into a new field
  • How to start a life coach business as an electrical engineer
  • How Apryl still uses engineering in her life coach practice

For y’all that don’t know who Apryl Zarate Schlueter…

  • Graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Northwestern University
  • The author of her book “Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind”
  • CEO of The Cheerful Mind, Inc
  • Has worked as an IT consultant, math teacher in the Chicago public schools, and as an Assistant Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern

As I was listening to her story, I kept thinking about my own story. It’s really captivating and a reminder that you’re never truly “stuck” to a career. She wasn’t “born” a life coach. Through hard work, she became a life coach opened up her own life coaching business, The Cheerful Mind Inc. You can keep evolving. Kind of like how a Magikarp turns into a Gyarados.

The Cheerful Mind