Who Are The People You Depend On?

This morning, I opened up an email that said my hair stylist, who I have been with for YEARS (maybe seven?), is leaving and moving to Nashville. I am devastated. I had a large run of bad hairstylists in the early 2000’s, and now I feel like the rug has been swept up under my feet and the thought of having to find someone new is utterly painful.

I had a few things I really wanted to get accomplished today, and with this news, I’m not sure how I’m going to get refocused. But here’s one thing I’ve learned about getting sidetracked…

If you allow yourself to have your tantrum moment, express what you’re feeling, then state a gratitude despite the pain, and then scrape yourself off the floor, you CAN get back to it.

So NOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t want Leigh Ann to leave!!! Who can I trust to make this hot mess of hair look beautiful ever again? Maybe I’ll never cut my hair ever again. I’m on hair STRIKE!

Pause. Deep breath.

Okay. First of all, I know this is not an “end of the world” problem. So I need to acknowledge that. But also, I’ve known she’s always had her heart in Nashville. It was bound to happen someday. And although I wish she had given me a personal phone call to deliver the news, that’s not realistic with the tons of clients she has. I’m grateful for all the amazing conversations and laughs, and amazing haircuts, and I know I’d rather her be in a happier place. Maybe now I can find something closer to home this time around? And I’m not in dire need for a haircut right now, but maybe I can get one sometime this month just so I can say goodbye.

This week, I’d love for you to think about all the people in your life who have been around for a long time, that you depend on regularly. You never know when situations may change that might take them away from you, so spend a few minutes telling them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

I feel better now. Back to my regularly scheduled program…

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