Melissa Reyes: Inspiring Adventures and Discovering The Cheerful Mind with Apryl Zarate Schlueter

I did two interviews with Melissa Reyes of Miz Meliz, (one live in-person in LA, and another via FB live) where we spoke about discovering The Cheerful Mind and my book Finding Success in Balance!

You can click the links below to view the full articles.

Discovering the Cheerful Mind

Inspiring Adventures: Apryl Schlueter

Inspiring Adventures: Apryl Schlueter

Here’s a Facebook Live video that happened a few days after our in-person meeting – you’ll see me toward the end of the video, in my PJs and recovering from a terrible cold! 

Here’s the in-person live interview that she mentioned needed some editing before release. It’s not perfect (what is?), but the conversation was amazing, and I’m so grateful that I was able to meet Melissa in person!

The Cheerful Mind