The Upside of Failure

As a recovering perfectionist, I used to struggle with “failing.” But the following mindset shifts about failure make the idea of failing more FUN:

1) Failure makes you stronger: When you fail, you are learning what doesn’t work, and it gets you one step closer to knowing what does. The ability to collect more data points in your trial and error will allow you to gain a more substantial perspective of how to achieve success, and even replicate it.

2) Making mistakes gives you the opportunity to appreciate your success even more: When trying to successfully accomplish something, if you naturally succeed relatively quickly, you can sometimes forget the greatness of your accomplishment and may take it for granted. When you work hard for something and finally accomplish it, the victory is so sweet, and means so much more.

3) Failure can give you an interesting story to tell: While it is cool to hear a success story about accomplishing something, think about the fun and interesting stories that can arise from failure. I think about entertaining EPIC FAIL videos, or inspiring videos about failure leading to something bigger and better for a person’s life. The journey is JUST as important as accomplishing the end goal!

The Cheerful Mind