Being okay with saying no…

I’m so committed to everything that I do that I usually pull out all the stops to make stuff happen. But this weekend, I had to pull back and say no to something I really wanted. Although I’m a little sad (and also cringing at the fact that my decision cost me a couple hundred dollars), here’s how I keep down the guilt about saying no, and some things you can think about if you ever find yourself in the same situation:

1) When you say no to something, you’re actually saying yes to something else.  

This week, I had to say no to an already booked flight to New York City. What resulted though was my ability to say YES to a trip to Portland, Oregon later this summer, an opportunity to meet  and network with some amazing entrepreneurs, and a less hectic schedule later this month! It’s all about tradeoffs.

2) Choosing to say no doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means that you know what you want.

Sometimes it takes courage to stand out there and stand up for what you want, especially if you have people-pleasing tendencies. There’s something about saying “no” that shows that you have confidence and clarity on what is important to you, and that’s a great thing!

3) Understand exactly why you are saying no.

Go through the rationale that led you to that decision. Does it make sense? Is it understandable for someone in your situation? If yes, then ask yourself: is there a reason to feel guilty? If you still find yourself wanting to say yes, keep talking it out. Ask an unbiased friend to provide a listening ear, if needed! Keep working through it until you can feel good about the choice you make!

The Cheerful Mind