Cheerful Conversations Ep. 45

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Welcome to Episode 45 of Cheerful Conversations: Spicing Up Your Relationship with Your Life Partner

In this episode: Join me and my guest co-host, Ebony Cauley!

About Ebony: Ebony’s sparkle as she would describe herself as an adventure enthusiast and a pleasure advocate. She LOVES to travel and a bit of an introverted thrill seeker. She values things that feel good and are right — especially those moments in life that are soul stirring! She usually is leaning into life with a smile and a big heart for new experiences to connect and grow. Ebony is passionate about people and deeply curious about human behavior. Hence her education pursuits with a BA in psychology and completing a coaching certification from iPEC. Per Ebony’s multiple passions she established her business Virtuallyourz that supports small business owners with big hearts to stay creatively as we automate their business with a personalized touch! Curious to know more about Ebony ask her about her passion project “Playful Process”


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