Cheerful Conversations Ep. 21

Welcome to Episode 21 of Cheerful Conversations: 2018 In Review

In this episode: Join me and some of the past co-hosts from 2018!

About Benjamin: Benjamin Ritter, MBA, MPH, is a leader in the fields of personal and professional development. He provides personal and professional consulting services, and transforms clients through the LIVE system, focusing on cultivating alignment in the areas of life, intentions, values, and expectations.

About Jeff: Where do I start with the story of me? I am a serial entrepreneur who started my first business in the forth grade getting kids to sell me a bag of comics for a quarter. I would then collect, sell and generally profit from this to buy more comics and lots of candy! Then I discovered the answer to my shyness with girls was to learn to play guitar. This was a revelation. Get people to feel and the world is your oyster! At the same time I was plagued by weird visitors when I tried to sleep. This created quite a bit of stress that I chemically hindered. Flash forward and I have completely fell in love with being an entrepreneur and created 2, million dollar businesses. Well, history has a way of catching up with you and the spirit world is no different. Now I am a business coach with something a little extra to add. Your spirit is here to expand your experience and capacity to love. Business is an excellent way to provide value in exchange for value (Ka-Ching). Ain’t life beautiful!

About Laura: I’m an alchemist – a transformer, catalyst for change, master of empowerment. A Certified leadership coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I work with high-achieving women to reveal what’s not obvious but is impeding their success, productivity, and happiness. We clear it away so they can achieve their goals and dreams. Recovering ad exec living in Chicago with my rescue pitbull and partner in adventure, my husband Chris.

About Sam: He is the founder of Byte by Byte, a company dedicated to helping software engineers interview for jobs. Byte by Byte students have landed jobs at companies like Amazon, Uber, Bloomberg, and more. Sam is the author of “Dynamic Programming for Interviews”, an ebook to help anyone master dynamic programming.

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