Cheerful Conversations Ep. 11

Welcome to Episode 11 of Cheerful Conversations: All About Improv

In this episode: Join me and my guest co-host, Marelda Rodrigues as we dive deep into Improv!

About Marelda: Marelda, FMCHC, CNMT, is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Author, and Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist. Her journey in wellness is multicultural and includes challenging life and health changes, all of which provide the foundation of her “can do” style and drive.

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One Word Story:

Topic: Motivation

A: Their
M: May
A: be
M: tremendous
A: moments
M: drawn out
A: into
M: life
A: where
M: desperation
A: and
M: hope
A: don’t
M: seem
A: to
M: match
A: what
M: situations
A: show
M: us
A: in
M: daily
A: life
M: but
A: motivating
M: pictures
A: can
M: stir
A: fire
M: within
A: so,
M: have
A: faith
M: in
A: your
M: inner
A: abilities
M: because
A: you
M: could
A: thrive
M: beyond
A: everything
M: when
A: you
M: didn’t
A: know.

Completed phrase: Their may be tremendous moments drawn out into life where desperation and hope don’t seem to match what situations shows us in daily life but motivating pictures can stire fire within. So, have faith in your inner abilities because you could thrive beyond everything when you didn’t know.

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