Peaceful Power Podcast with Apryl Schlueter: Positive Mindset & Your Goals

I was recently featured on the Peaceful Power Podcast where I spoke about having a positive mindset and reaching your goals!

You can listen to the podcast below. You can also view the podcast HERE.


I was introduced to Apryl from one of my training clients who happened to be a roommate with Apryl at a convention they attended. She thought we would be a perfect combo to talk on the podcast. After checking out Apryl’s work I knew she would be a great fit to kick off 2018 strong with positive mindset work.

Background on Apryl

Apryl Zarate Schlueter is the Chief Energy! Officer of The Cheerful Mind, Inc. — a happiness and productivity coach, speaker, and the author of Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind. After years of working in various industries, Apryl realized her true passion for helping people streamline their lives to make more time for more joy, balance, and ease. She uses the strategies of productivity, goal-setting, and planning infused with personal development methodologies, stress management, and self-care to help curb overwhelm that results from a busy lifestyle, and helps people have more fun while getting stuff done! You can learn more about Apryl at

Topics Discussed

  • The chief energy officer
  • How to stop going through the motions & live a more fulfilling life
  • How a positive mindset helps us achieve our goals
  • Strategies for people who struggle with having a positive mindset
  • Time management hacks
  • Goal setting tips that we won’t forget about 3 months later
  • Her approach to balance

Apryl’s Weekly Challenge

Start every morning with fun. Ask yourself what is fun every morning & do that. Pick something that is fun that aligns with your goals.

The Cheerful Mind