Special Q&A on Relationships w/ Graham Russell!

To wrap up this last day of February and my theme on Relationships, I wanted to share a video discussion with my dear friend Graham Russell, who is a leadership and relationship coach based in the UK. He has some AMAZING perspective on relationships of all forms, so I invited him on to help me answer three of the biggest relationship questions I received over the month to answer. Sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective outside of ourselves, and as you know, I’m placing heavy focus on connection this year, so this collaboration multi-tasks and satisfies multiple priorities and tasks on my to-do list.Here are the three questions we answer:

  • How do we avoid feeling bitter about past relationships and be able to want a relationship again?
  • How do we make time for the relationships that mean the most to us? (Many times we let other things like work, chores, and not as fun to-dos get in the way.)
  • How do we set healthy boundaries in a relationship (how do we opt for interdependency rather than codependency)?

Check out the video below!

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