Welcome to Episode 18 of Cheerful Conversations: Rebellion

In this episode: Join me and my guest co-host, Jeffrey Padovani!

About Jeffrey:

I am a serial entrepreneur who started my first business in the forth grade getting kids to sell me a bag of comics for a quarter. I would then collect, sell and generally profit from this to buy more comics and lots of candy! Then I discovered the answer to my shyness with girls was to learn to play guitar. This was a revelation. Get people to feel and the world is your oyster! At the same time I was plagued by weird visitors when I tried to sleep. This created quite a bit of stress that I chemically hindered. Flash forward and I have completely fell in love with being an entrepreneur and created 2, million dollar businesses. Well, history has a way of catching up with you and the spirit world is no different. Now I am a business coach with something a little extra to add. Your spirit is here to expand your experience and capacity to love. Business is an excellent way to provide value in exchange for value (Ka-Ching). Ain’t life beautiful!

Connect with Jeffrey: www.mondaychangeseverything.com

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