Does the dialogue you have, either with yourself or with your team, sometimes feel like tug of war? Maybe there are too many differing opinions that keep you indecisive or paralyzed, not enough options that result in lack of clarity, or maybe, the choices that are available don’t provide a clear and easy decision.

When you’re feeling stuck in these conversations, sometimes play can help you reveal new ideas!

My dear friend and client, Madeline Schwarz is a Communication Coach who created a really fun conversation tool called a Momentum Maker, a new spin on a nostalgic tool. You might know them as fortune tellers or cootie catchers – this one is designed to help you create dialogue, either with yourself, or others. Use this magical conversation tool to get your team talking, open up new possibilities, and get out of procrastination mode.

Slide your thumb and forefingers into the pockets and let the Momentum Maker guide you toward your next move. Watch us do a demo with a real life example so you can see this really cool tool in action!

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Madeline Schwarz works with designers, creatives, and technical professionals who want to get their ideas seen, heard and respected. She teaches people how to articulate their thoughts, communicate the value of their work, and share their ideas in ways their teammates and clients understand. She brings process and play to public speaking, facilitates workshops for companies and organizations and helps people get their ideas seen, heard and respected.

When she’s not working, you can find her playing with Legos with her 5-year-old, mentoring new speakers at Toastmasters, and community organizing around local school issues.

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