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I was recently interviewed by VoyageChicago where they got to learn about all about myself and The Cheerful Mind!

You can click HERE to view the full interview. You can also read below:

Meet Apryl Schlueter of The Cheerful Mind in Northbrook

Apryl, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My career navigated through Engineering/IT, Education, and Finance/Operations before starting my own business as an author/coach/speaker. I’ve always been someone of multiple passions, and it was increasingly important as I grew older to have a thriving career that could still afford me the time to enjoy the things I prioritize outside of work, such as family, travel, and my various hobbies (which there are many, but some of my recent passions include flying trapeze and improv comedy). In 2015, I found myself burning the candle at both ends, and overworking myself in my job, and a routine visit uncovered a significant bald patch on the back of my head that I didn’t realize was there. I was miserable at work, and barely had energy to take care of my children. The burnout led me to reevaluate my priorities and redesign my life to be one that was on my terms. In that journey, I realized my passion for productivity, positive mindset, relationships, and