Let’s be HONEST… Is this YOU?

Do you know deep inside you are capable of a deeper, more passionate and meaningful life – if only you could stay focused and consistent on creating what you want?

Are you tired of watching others with less skill and resources accomplish your goals and wonder why you are having such a challenge getting your own act together?

Are you ready to finally have the ability to have more fun because you got some amazing stuff done?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, KEEP READING!

To create the life you want, you must learn to prioritize what matters most, and to take the consistent steps to move you forward while HAVING FUN IN THE PROCESS!

Are you open to some mentorship, support, cheerleading, and coaching to step into your best life? Your solution is in The Accountability Success Circle!

The Accountability Success Circle

The Accountability Success Circle is effective for anyone who:

  • Has a strong desire to accomplish a goal and/or lifestyle they are passionate about
  • Knows the ideal dream(s) they have but isn’t sure of the path to make it a reality
  • Loves to help others, but tends to place their own needs and desires low on their priority list, resulting in overwhelm and guilt
  • Tends to overcommit and have a hard time saying “no”
  • Feels that perfectionism can cripple them from either taking action or finishing
  • Are easily distracted with bright shiny objects or analysis paralysis
  • Are thrilled to find a mentor and a community to guide and coach them to live up to their full potential!

In this program you will:

  • Identify an annual vision to create the life you want, with benchmarks every quarter
  • Understand your current state in order to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be
  • Brainstorm ideas to streamline your life while also problem solving different ways to make progress on your goals
  • Craft detailed action plans that are in line with your personal values
  • Track and improve daily habits and routines
  • Shift and maintain a positive mindset
  • Gain tools and techniques to keep the fun going in your life
  • Have strong accountability to your goals from a community of like-minded people
  • Optimize your work-life balance and feel less overwhelm

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?!

What’s Included

  • A Monthly Curriculum that transforms WHO YOU ARE as a person and HOW YOU WORK so that you can be truly engaged and empowered in your life and career
  • A Powerful Theme each month with lessons delivered via Facebook Live (Video)
  • Weekly Challenges to enhance your personal development, networking skills, and productivity
  • Monthly Webinars to dive deeper into life and business topics (including occasional guest speakers)
  • Monthly Integrity Days: virtual coworking days focused on task completion
  • An opportunity for Unlimited Direct Virtual 1:1 Interaction with the Success Team (via direct messaging app access)
  • An Online Community with structured celebrations, support, and ideas 24/7 via Facebook
  • A Library of Tools specifically catering to the needs of program participants (including business tools, happiness, productivity, and play resources, and much much more!)


  • Bonus Group Calls on special time-sensitive topics
  • An assigned Accountability Partner every quarter
  • “First Dibs” and/or Discounts on other programs offered by the Success Team
  • And MUCH MORE!

Extra Goodies!

  • Access to program archives, including prior special presentations and resources from Guest Experts (currently valued at $795)
  • Lock in your subscription at the lowest possible rate!
  • You will receive a one-hour private coaching session with either member of the Success Team valued at $247, redeemable at any point while participating in the Accountability Success Circle.
  • Also, you’ll get an additional free one hour coaching call with Apryl upon reading and reviewing Apryl’s book, Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind.

Joining the ASC requires a conversation with us first, to make sure you feel it’s the perfect fit.

And it’s no risk to explore!


What’s My Investment?

A good question to ask yourself – before we even share the investment – is “what would it be worth to me to get un-stuck and finally achieve the things I know would make me so much happier?”

This is not a joke. The most important thing you need to consider in joining any program like this is HOW IMPORTANT is it for things to be different?

We all know that getting support is a great way to accelerate progress toward our goals. We also know you’re a busy individual that needs to focus on getting things done. For your investment, we want to provide you with the best qualities of a coach, mastermind, and online course in an all-in-one cohesive program.

We want to make this completely doable for you. A no-brainer when you imagine the things you are committed to creating for yourself. (and letting go of too!)

That’s why the investment for The Accountability Success Circle is only $497*.

*Note: This investment includes Lifetime Membership to the ASC, and unlimited direct virtual 1:1 coaching and accountability with the Success Team for 3 months.

Remember, joining the ASC requires a conversation with us first, to make sure you feel it’s the perfect fit.

And again, it’s no risk to explore!



Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s important to us that you’re receiving the RIGHT support in accomplishing your goals and transforming your life to one you love! So if you aren’t satisfied with the program, for any reason, within the first 30 days then we’ll give you a full no-hassle refund!


Remember, joining the ASC requires a conversation with us first, to make sure you feel it’s the perfect fit.

And again, it’s no risk to explore!


Joining the ASC has impacted my life in a beautiful way!”
The constant accountability pushes me to strive for the intentions I have made. Throughout the program, life has had many changes and the fact this program evolves with you is what I love most! Apryl and Gary approach with curiosity to explore new ideas with you. It is a team effort towards gaining new perspectives and insights. They lead fearlessly to ensure we have fun getting more done! I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for support that will exceed your expectations and push you outside your comfort zone! Thankful for the growth I have made and all yet to come :)”




My favorite part of the Accountability Success Circle has been Apryl’s check-ins by text and our exchanges.
I love that she reads the [accountability] forms and follows up. Her responsiveness has been key for me, as well was her flexibility and I think that other people would want to know that about working with her. And, of course, her positivity. Some people may think an accountability program could have negative aspects, but this program does not.”




Working with Apryl has been a great experience!
I think that the biggest thing that has impacted me has been the consistent reminders via emails, texts, Voxer messages, am/pm forms – they help me progress on my goals. I really wanted consistency in my life with my language learning, diet and exercise and I now feel that it has become pretty much second nature to find opportunities to accomplish these goals. They are constantly on my mind, and so I am able to accomplish them. I think this program is helpful for anyone looking to make progress in any area of their lives, anyone looking for help when they are not sure what exactly motivates them, anyone looking for support when they get stuck. I think the speed of the process depends on the person trying to accomplish the goals and how much effort is put in…I have been slower probably than most and being ok with that is a big deal, but I am moving a LOT faster than before! That makes me so happy!”



Remember, joining the ASC requires a conversation with us first, to make sure you feel it’s the perfect fit.

And again, it’s no risk to explore!


We can’t wait to support you in busting your prior limitations and claiming a life that is fulfilling, powerful, and full of FUN!

With love,

About The ASC Success Team

Apryl Zarate Schlueter is the Chief Energy! Officer of The Cheerful Mind, Inc. — a happiness and productivity coach, speaker, and the author of Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind. After years of working in various industries, Apryl realized her true passion for helping people streamline their lives to make more time for more joy, balance, and ease. She uses the strategies of productivity, goal-setting, and planning infused with personal development methodologies, stress management, and self-care to help curb overwhelm that results from a busy lifestyle, and helps her peeps have more fun while getting stuff done! In her spare time, she enjoys travel, thrill-seeking activities, and being a mom.

You can learn more about Apryl by visiting:


Gary Ware is the Founder of Breakthrough Play, a company that helps teams be more creative, confident, and collaborative using play. To do this, Gary incorporates techniques that professional improvisers use to create amazing experiences without a script.

Gary has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over a decade and first got into improvisation as a way to better his public speaking. Gary quickly found that improv and play could be a solution to various business challenges, so he started doing workshops for his team and other people in his network. This side project turned into a full-time gig after he stepped down from the agency that he co-founded.

When Gary isn’t leading workshops and keynote speaking he could be found doing improv at Finest City Improv in North Park, learning magic, or playing with his wife Courtney and son Garrett.

I am filled with inspiration and excitement at the fact I’ve accomplished so much since I started working with Apryl! Not only have I crossed off some major goals off my list I feel as though with her guidance I can tackle the even bigger dreams I could never seem to conquer on my own.

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