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23 hours ago
Today marks 4,383 days since I said “I do” to this amazing guy standing next to me. When you are with someone this long, you can look back and reflect on how much has changed and been…
2 days ago
#Alaska2018 Day 14: (Chena Village, AK, June 28) - Last photo highlight from my EPIC Alaska trip! We got to meet Tekla Monson, daughter of Susan Butcher (notable female dog musher in…

I was referred to The Cheerful Mind by a close friend when I was trying to figure out my next step professionally.

I wanted to explore my career path, personal interests, and the best way to bridge the two. Apryl was inspirational, helpful, and focused. I enjoyed our sessions together—she truly listened to my thoughts, ideas, and concerns. She made each conversation meaningful and guided our discussions to help me figure out what I wanted and how to attain success. She contributed greatly – with a mix of life stories, resources, homework ideas, and takeaways to reflect on. I’m so thankful to have spent time with Apryl, ended up on a wonderful career path, and will connect with her again on future life steps.”