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Experts like me are sharing their tips and strategies to help you get unstuck to live your life with more Purpose!
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#birthday party 1 of 2 this weekend complete! I can't believe my #baby is already 8 years old.…

I was referred to The Cheerful Mind by a close friend when I was trying to figure out my next step professionally.

I wanted to explore my career path, personal interests, and the best way to bridge the two. Apryl was inspirational, helpful, and focused. I enjoyed our sessions together—she truly listened to my thoughts, ideas, and concerns. She made each conversation meaningful and guided our discussions to help me figure out what I wanted and how to attain success. She contributed greatly – with a mix of life stories, resources, homework ideas, and takeaways to reflect on. I’m so thankful to have spent time with Apryl, ended up on a wonderful career path, and will connect with her again on future life steps.”